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Interview Extract

Posted by bitchinwallaby on 2009.02.14 at 12:07
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There was an interview with Chip Esten in 2001 and he was asked to describe Tony:

Michelle: How about Tony Slattery?

Chip: God, Tony...

Michelle: A name from the past (laughing)

Chip: Oh absolutely... A force of nature, I thought. Being little Chip new on the show, working with Tony was just kind of like overwhelming and ah just cuz he's so funny and just like I said attacks the stage. Of course all the stuff we couldn't get on ABC now is hilarious too, but I think that's not all of him either. He was just ... you could see also that he was right on the edge of what he was going to say always. Nothing was really planned. He was right there and I love that perhaps most of all when you can see the eyes working. That's what we get that maybe not everyone gets is we're right up on somebody. So he would attack it. Very funny again.

And just another very brief mention:

Michelle: Do you have any great memories of those early shows?

Chip: Oh yeah. I have a lot of them... You know what? Actually, you see all the great memories, because there's not that much that crazy or great that goes on off stage. Oddly, it's mostly the mistakes and little funny things that happen like, nothing I feel great about, but (laughing) like when I poked Ryan in the eye. Like, I'll never forget that, because I was new and nervous.

Michelle: You know it's funny because the person that asked me ask you this question said like when he poked Ryan in the eye (laughing).

Chip: I totally remember that (laughing). I felt so bad.

Michelle: Yeah, I could tell

Chip: Exactly, but um he was fine.

Chip: Another time um ... we were there and we had to stop, because there was a flood. Like in the middle right between scenes or something, and we picked it up. I was doing a scene with Tony or something and there was a flood, so it's mostly the things that go wrong that you remember. Those are the good times.

Tony's 50th Birthday

Posted by bitchinwallaby on 2009.01.31 at 12:32
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So it's a while off yet, but a couple of people from the TSF Forums are planning on getting as many people together to try and give Tony something very special :)

"Okay guys; here is the deal. What we wanted to do for Tony's 50th bday is to compile birthday wishes from as many fans as possible; and make him a book. So, each person who wants to join in gets to make one page; in .jpg or .doc format; and we'll print it in colour; bind it nicely and send it to him.

(Yeah; we have a way of getting it to him- but it's not us having his actual address; it's via someone else - so no, we can't just share his mailing adress - sorry.)

That's plan A anyway. So far not enough people have joined in to make it "work", it'd be more of a leaflet with the amount of people we have now; so plan B could be that everyone just made a birthday card, however you might want to do that, and send it by mail to Occy - and she would put it all in a big envelope and then send.

We really want to do somethin special for Tony baby wub.gif, we want him to feel loved and supported; wub.gif so if you guys could help us get attention; find Tony fans that we can't find etc. -it'd be great!

It's 10 months away now, so we'd have to get the final plan together soon!!!"

To get involved, all you have to do is send an email to gsdresc@bigpond.net.au with Tony's Bday in the subject.

It'd be great to show Tony how much he's appreciated and just how many fans he has that all want to wish him support :)

Wedding Tackle

Posted by bitchinwallaby on 2009.01.11 at 15:35
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The movie the "Wedding Tackle" has been put on Youtube :) Just the Tony, bits, I believe.

Part 1: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=T-tMDXSeyog

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Posted by bitchinwallaby on 2009.01.05 at 16:33
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...a mysteeeeerious flesh coloured dot that has popped out to say hello.


Posted by bitchinwallaby on 2008.12.28 at 11:21
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This was posted in another forum. I havn't seen it before:

Hope everyone had a great Christmas :)

Posted by katri_katri on 2008.12.23 at 20:33


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From wliialove  !
Spreading Whose Line Cheer from Ear to Ear, Year after Year!


Posted by bitchinwallaby on 2008.12.17 at 17:27
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Posted by bitchinwallaby on 2008.11.22 at 19:25
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I've got a photobucket that mainly consists of Tony piccies if anyone wants a lookie :)


Password is wallaby :)


Posted by bitchinwallaby on 2008.11.17 at 10:05
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Did anyone see the Just a Gigolo blooper on one of those outtake shows a couple of days back? I was really unprepared and can't get it on youtube, but:

He said his line, there was a long pause, and then her burped. And looked very shocked and ashamed lol. And he said "I thought I'd end with a burp since we don't have a funny line."

Ah, Tony.

Happy Birthay!

Posted by bitchinwallaby on 2008.11.09 at 10:56
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*bakes a cake and sings the Birthday Song*


Tony video I made:

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